Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fresh Eggs

I just love my girls! They have been laying eggs since Thanksgiving, yet every day when I walk out and find these lovely creations, I get giddy with excitement!!

We're never out of fresh eggs....there are 20 in the collander, and that's only from 3 days!

Oooh! Spring project!!

I hate those flimsy little plastic markers that come with my plants/flowers/herbs. I stick them in the dirt and they break/fly away/dog eats them/etc.

Aren't these awesome?? I am going to get a stamp set and start cranking these puppies out! A lot of my friends garden, these will make great gifts!!

Watering can chime

I finally finished it!

Between a full time job, a 3 year old, and a zoo to take care of, it took me 4 days to do this.

Should have taken less, but considering everything else on my plate, I would say I'm pretty much a freakin' rock star.

So....the supplies:
Old watering can (picked up from Thrift Town)
30 lb fishing line
Metal file
3/32 drill bit
Needle nose pliers
3 forks
1 spoon
1 slotted spoon
1 teaspoon
Rustoleum 2x coverage spray paint - sunny yellow
Rustoleum clear coat spray paint

I used a hammer to flatten the regular spoon, it looks cool and has a much nicer chime sound when it's flattened.

I was so excited to finally finish it that I forgot to add beads. My lazy self says leave it, but my crafty self says re-do it. I'll probably end up taking it apart and re-doing. Thinking about using key lime colored beads....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Coming soon....letter art

So this weekend while doing never ending yardwork....something caught my eye from across the lawn

I know what you're thinking

Crazy broad....that's a snow shovel with chicken poo on it

Oh no, my friend. You must look deeper.

See it? It's the letter "W".

And as I scoped out the yard, I found more letters....the tree branch that makes a "Y", the chain link fence top that makes a "V".

I could make something cool from this!

So now I am on the look out for more letters. I am going to get an "A" and "N" and frame them to spell out Anya's name.

I'll post the finished product when complete!!

UPDATE - Found the letter "M" today! The people who own the house must have thought I was a loon....parked in front of their house taking pictures of their fence......

Silverware windchimes

I love windchimes.

I am the neighbor you hate because when the wind picks up it sounds like church bells ringing in my yard and it keeps you up at night.

I can't pass up a purdy chime that I see at the store, and whenever I bring a new one home I get that look

That look from my hubster that seems to say...

how much did you spend on that?

So....after looking on the web for some inspiration, I hit the thrift stores and decided to make my own!

Tutorial to follow...but here is my first attempt.